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Maxtoons DVDs High quality DVDs Remastered shows: Using the original Japanese, Italian or any other factory released DVDs for video, this is what is basically done:  1- Rip the Picture from the Japanese DVD  2- Capture the Audio from the VHS 3- So many times there is a conflict between PAL and NTSC systems.  PAL episodes are about 1 minute shorter than NTSC episodes. NTSC is 29.97 Frames per second, PAL on the other hand is 25 frames per second. 4- Take the Audio and use a special program to stretch it. The stretch is about 4% to match PAL to NTSC length. 5- This did not effect the Audio in any way, check samples and judge for your self. 6- Re dubbed the Japanese Picture with the Arabic/English Audio. Everything looks cool now. 7- Make the MPEG-2 file ready for the DVD. Format Available: 1- The pro set DVDs in a professional full size DVD case with full Art Work on the DVD Case and on a printable DVD "no stickers, actual printable DVD" 2- The paper sleeve version. No art work. 3- AVI/MP4 versions. How to Order DVDs Please email us with your order, we will need to know 1- All the titles you want. 2- Where we will ship to. 3- How you would like to pay Payment Methods: 1- Paypal.com. We have been certified merchants since 2000 2- Western Union Money Transfer. 3- Cash sent via registered mail at buyer's own risk. Shipping; To the US or Canada: 1- Airmail, $5 with tracking, takes 2 to 3 weeks. 2- FedEx or other 3 day service, $25 with on line tracking 3 to 4 days. Shipping cost to the Far east or Europe: 2- FedEx or other 3 day service, $35 with on line tracking 3 to 4 days. The rest of the world: 1- FedEx or other 3 day service, $60 with on line tracking 3 to 4 days.
Welcome to Maxtoons.com Hello everyone and welcome to maxtoons.com. This page is for different cartoons mostly from the 80's. I have been looking everywhere for the cartoons I grow up watching. Since I was 5 till today, I still watch cartoons. Cartoons bring me so much happiness, especially the superhero related, I just love them. I have gathered on this website a lot of my favorite Shows. Most of them I watched In Saudi Arabia, others I watched here in The U.S.A. If you were born any time from the 1970’s to mid 1980’s, you will definitely find something you like. I have put these shows on pro designed DVDs in high quality. Most of them are remastered video and audio to reach the highest quality.