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    Well, the first time I watched this show was in 1999, I saw the first two episodes, but couldn't get any more. I tried to look for the rest in many places with no such luck. Until one day a guy emails me for a trade, Grandizer for all Daimos. Couldn't say no to such a deal, especially that it was on VCD'S with excellent quality. I finally got to see the complete show, it was great.

As I was watching the show, it suddenly hit me, every Japanese Giant Robot show I have seen is about Defending earth from out of space invaders. will with the exception of Mazinger Z a.k.a Tranzor Z who was fighting insiders from taking over the world. It makes me ask my self a simple question, WHY? I don't know, but it happens to be very cool.

Tosho Daimos, the third entry in what is known as the Nagahama Tadao Romance Robot Anime Trilogy (Combattler V & Voltes V being other 2 pieces of the trilogy), centers around the Brahmin race, a civilization that lost its home planet and came to Earth in search of a new home. Although initial talks between the winged Brahmin people and Earth’s representatives were relatively peaceful, conspirators in their ranks found a way to get rid of the king and start a war against Earth.

Earth’s weapons are no match for these invaders and soon many cities fall to their giant robot weapons. In the midst of this chaos Ryuzaki Kazuya, a young martial expert and the son of a brilliant scientist, becomes the pilot to a secret weapon developed by his late father, Tosho Daimos, a powerful robot that will be Earth’s last hope in the fight against the invaders. However as the battle progresses Ryuzaki finds himself falling in love with Erika, the Brahmin princess and a strong believer in the peace process. Will their love be able to thrive as their people fight each other in a battle for planet Earth?


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Pilot of the Daimos.





Second fighter pilot.



Pro. Yourgen

Head commander of the Daimolight  at the Base and Richard's Grandfather.



Richard's sister and a fighter pilot.


General. Harris

Head commander of Earth's defenses.



Sir. Ulrike's sister and Richard's sweet hart.


Sir. Ulrike

Head commander of the Bramens Army.


Admiral Urban

The highest authority of the Bramens


Commander Zendor

Bramens Commander in battle


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