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Spaceketeers followed the adventures of Princess Aurora and her band of protectors as they tried to accomplish a dangerous mission for their Empress. An evil energy source from the star system of Dekos caused the once-peaceful creatures of the universe to change into evil mutants. The Empress enlisted Aurora and three spaceketeers to find and destroy the energy source.


Aurora had her hands full with one of her cohorts: Jesse Dart, a super-powerful but arrogant spaceketeer who followed his own whims. The other two spaceketeers, portly Porkos and intelligent Arimos, were based on the characters or Porthos and Aramis from The Three Musketeers.


In Japan, the series was a parody of all the severe, serious, dramatic 'space opera' programs that were popular in the late 1970's. The tale was animated at one time by the great pioneer Osamu Tezuka and Matsumoto Leiji at Toei Animation, 1978-79. The Original title was SF SAIYUUKI SUTAAJINGAA (SF Journey to the West: Starzinger) and there are 64 episodes






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