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To all Grendizer fans from all around the world. I share my love to Grendizer with all of you.



The Vega homeworld is becoming unstable due to the exploiting of Vegatron, a powerful radioactive ore. Seeking to expand his militaristic empire and find a substitute planet to settle upon, the ruthless King Vega unleashes his armies - composed of flying saucers and giant robotic monsters - and turns first against neighbors such as Fleed, a highly advanced but peaceful world. In a tragically ironic twist, the invaders' blitzkrieg turns against them: the once verdant, idyllic Fleed is turned into a radioactive wasteland. Too late, the only known survivor of the royal family, Prince Duke Fleed, manages to steal the Grendizer, a war robot able to combine with a saucer-ship, Spacer, and the most powerful and advanced engine owned by the Vegan forces, which was used in spearheading the assault on Fleed.

Fleeing Vegan space by flying at hyperluminal speed, Duke enters the Solar system and switches course to Earth, making a rough landing in Japan. He is befriended by Dr. Umon, a noted scientist who oversees a research laboratory (called the Space Science Lab) and owns a small ranch. If some hints present in the French version are to be believed, it seems that Dr Umon owed part of his remarkable scientific achievements to regular contacts with Fleed scientists, and he may have been Duke Fleed's goal from the start of his escape. The kindly Umon takes in the young alien as his son, under the assumed name of Daisuke, and assists him in hiding Spacer. A rough two years later, Kouji Kabuto returns to Japan after studying abroad in a flying saucer he personally designed and built (called the TFO). He heads to the Space Science Lab after hearing of multiple sightings of "flying saucers". He plans to contact the aliens if possible and make peace with them. Daisuke, however, scoffs at the notion and fears that these aliens: the Vegans, led by generals Blackie and Gandal, are ready to attack Earth. Kouji ignores his warnings and flies out to meet the incoming saucers, only to discover the horrible truth. In order to save Kouji and protect his adoptive homeworld from destruction, Daisuke is forced to return to his true identity as Duke Fleed. He unearths Grendizer from its hiding place under the lab and launches.

The Vegans establish a base on the dark side of the moon and start to attack Earth from there. As the show progresses, Kouji discovers Duke Fleed’s true identity and their bitter rivalry soon turns to friendship. The daughter of Danbi Makiba (the man who runs Umon’s ranch), Hikaru, also discover’s Daisuke’s secret and becomes a pilot in order to assist him despite his objections. Later on, it is revealed that there were two more survivors from the planet Freed, Duke’s younger sister Maria Grace Fleed and a man who had rescued her and fled to Earth, raising her under the guise of her grandfather. Caught in a crossfire between Grendizer and a Vegan beast, he reveals to Maria that she is the last survivor of the royal family of Fleed (under the belief that Duke was killed) before dying from his wounds. Maria swears revenge on Grendizer and its pilot. She tries to ambush Duke, Kouji & Hikaru at the Space Science Lab, but the fight was short lived. Maria’s attacks brought Duke’s necklace (which is the same as the one she wore) into view and the truth was revealed. The lost siblings were reunited at last and Maria becomes the last addition to the team.

Near the end, it is shown that Duke Fleed was engaged to King Vega’s daughter, Princess Rubina, prior to the attack on Fleed. When Rubina discovers that planet Freed was no longer polluted with Vegatron radiation and that her fiancé was alive and well, she rushed to Earth to bring him the good news. Unfortunately, one of King Vega’s generals used this opportunity to ambush Duke Fleed, and Rubina was killed when she took a shot aimed at Duke. This made Duke even more determined to wipe out the Vegan menace once and for all.

When the Vegans’ moon base was destroyed by Vegatron radiation, King Vega had no choice but to gather his remaining forces and make an all-out attack on Earth. Duke and co. went out to intercept them before they reached Earth in Grendizer and the newly designed space combat Spazers. After a fierce battle, they finally manage to destroy the Vegan mothership along with King Vega himself. Soon afterwards Duke and Maria bid a tearful farewell to Earth and return to help reconstruct planet Fleed.


I love a lot of cartoon characters like   Optimus Prime from the Transformers, the Guyver and much more. But no one ever came close to  Grendizer, I believe in Grendizer so much that I refuse to think of him as a cartoon. 

This show carried a lot of morals and feelings. Duke Fleed was a great character by all standards. He was a selfless loving person, even that he was bleeding of pan inside. 

I could feel his hatred to the Vigans. I felt his compaction, his pain and his purity.  

Those who watched the show might know what I am talking about. I have watched the show in Arabic back in Saudi Arabia. The first episode was  episode #9. I was 4 at the time. It was about a girl named Menao.  She was sent by The Vigans to assassinate Duke Fleed so the Vigans will spare her planet "Al-Yakota"   Instead she falls in love with the Duke. At the end of the episode the Vigans kill her. When she died in Duke Fleed's arms, that was one of the most moving scenes in all the series. I can think of one more similar seen in  episode 72 when Robina "Vega's daughter" dais in a very similar way, Robina on the other hand was Duke Fleed's real old love. the whole episode is about Duke Fleed and  Robia's love, there wasn't even a saucer animal in it! Just the death of Zorial. 








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Grandizer Movies in English

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Orion and Lance.




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