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Captain Majed is one of the most popular anime all around the world. The original Japanese name is Captain Tsubasa, even though the Japanese pronounce it "Subasa" The show was fist made in 1982 when Majed was about 11, all the way to the last one made in 2002 World Cup.

The show is about a boy, 11 years old who loves Football more than any thing ells in life. He grows to love it every day more and more, a long his way, he meets with others that love football just as much as he does. He gets to play every season in different championships, as he grows older he starts to develop his own style and a special movies, so does his top appoints, this is probably what gave the show its edge and special flavor and made it last as long as it did.

The show was aired in the Middle east around 1991 under the name captain Majed, the first season was dubbed in Jordan, all the rest were dubbed in Syria, it was good job, but not the best if compared to Grendizer where they left the original names, or even future boy Conan a.k.a 3adnan wa Lina, where they changed the names but did a better job over all.

Captain Majed motivated almost all the boys who watched it to play football, I for one was always a heavy kid and did not care for sports much, but after I watch an episode of Captain Majed I get very motivated to pay football any where any time, of course this feeling  goes a way after 30 minutes, but I remember it so well :)

The seasons of Captain Majed are many, but only 4 were translated to Arabic:

Season 1: Captain Majed is in secondary School, I guess 6th class. 54 episodes

Season 2: Captain Majed is in Junior high, 14 or 15 years old. 74 episodes

Season 3: Also known as Season "J" Captain Majed is in High school, 17 years old. 45 episodes

Season 4: This is an OVA movie, Made of only 4 episodes, but it is the continuation of season 3.

Season 5: World Cup 2002. In Arabic it was named "Al-Shaba7"

Those are the only seasons translated to Arabic, I know there is a last one more made in 2002 for the world Cup, but I under stand it was never translated to Arabic, but who knows, they might do it.

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