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Secret of Blue Water
Al-Masa Al-Zarka








In 1889, the world is on the pinnicle of great discoveries in technology. In mankinds grasp for the future, a sinister foe known only as Gargoyle, obsessed with restoring the former Atlantean empire to the glory it once held, begins his plans to take over the world. Nadia, with the help of a young inventor, Jean Ratlique, and Captain Nemo of the submarine Nautilus, must fight to save the world from Gargoyle and Neo-Atlantis. Based on the Novel '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea' by Jules Verne.

Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water is a 39 episode anime series and one of the most popular animated series ever done in Japan. Created by the animation studio GAINAX (who also did Wings of Honneamise, Gunbuster, and the 1995-96 hit series Neon Genesis Evangelion), it premiered on Friday April 13, 1990 on NHK television (the Japanese equivalent of PBS) and concluded a year later on Friday April 12, 1991. During its one-year run Nadia consistently topped the Animage magazine's fan poll of their favorite female anime character.





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